Welcome to C Mac Regina!

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Dear Amanda,

This is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write but I simply feel your growing addiction to Japanese anime is splitting us apart…..oops, my bad…..wrong forum.

What I really meant to say was… welcome to the C Mac Regina website! My name is Brenden and I am the Sask manager and construction supervisor out here in Regina. C Mac Regina has been making quite a few changes getting ready for 2018 and is quickly becoming the most interactive plumbing company in Regina, and as the year rolls out we plan on unveiling even more fun features. Informative information, video content, and live installs just to name a few. Feel free to browse our roster page and begin to get to know the actual techs that will be coming to your home!

C Mac Regina is looking to transition into the plumbing company that we feel is missing in Regina. We want to put faith back into the homeowner, and show them the worth in calling an established, LICENSED contractor vs. hiring your buddy’s buddy down the street. C Mac Regina is an group of local boys who are all licensed and certified to work in your home.

In 2018 C Mac Regina hopes to accomplish two goals. 1) Finally beat Mike Tyson’s punch out and 2) expand it’s residential service. Number one is easy, we have our top minds comparing notes on how to get past King Hippo. Goal two though is a little trickier. We would like to ask everyone to give C Mac an opportunity. If you already have a preferred service provider that you trust to perform work in your home, that’s awesome. But for anyone who may be in the market for a new plumber or heating tech, feel free to contact C Mac Regina. We offer some of the most competitive rates while keeping our workmanship at a premium. We hope to get to know a lot more people in 2018 as they get to know us.