Instagram, Insta-booking, Insta-service!

Instagram, Insta-booking, Insta-service!

In my initial post I talked a real big game describing C Mac Regina as the most client interactive plumbing and heating company operating in/around Regina. Bold claim eh? There were a lot of people within the plumbing blog universe (plog universe?) looking at me sideways after I dropped that post. Didn’t bother us though. Haters love C Mac! Well, it is two months into 2018 and even though we’ve only scratched the surface with C Mac Regina’s new customer appreciation initiatives, we’ve already seen our clients reaping the benefits with our new Insta-service appointment booking method.

C Mac Regina has stamped a much larger footprint on social media in 2018, and part of that has been our expansion into Instagram. Everyone can now follow C Mac Regina and check out what we are up to each day, get to know the crew, and get hooked up with awesome service offers. Following C Mac Regina on Instagram can also help in getting you booked in faster when you need an appointment for sooner rather than later. During weekday hours we always suggest you phone our office, 306-565-5099, when needing service, we also strive to provide same day service to as many customers as we can each day. But C Mac Regina also now provides multiple options when needing after-hours service for plumbing and heating emergencies.

First, customers can call our emergency service line, 1-855-622-2622, where a customer representative will take your info and pass it along to our technician on call. Your other choice would be to reach us through our social media profiles. For any customers who find it easier to navigate Facebook and Instagram all you have to do is follow or like our pages and once the time comes when we’re needed to step into action feel free to slide into our DM’s. All messages get automatically sent back to yours truly, and I can help cut out the middle man to get a service tech out to your home as fast as possible. Basically all we need are a name and phone number. If you want to leave an address and short message about the problem your experiencing that always helps!

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