Hot Tips to Stay Cold This Summer

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A from the blog for a bit. Enough clients have sent me messages asking what was up that I finally gave my head a shake and jumped back into the blog machine. We skipped Spring this year and jettisoned straight into Summer. Air conditioning season is upon us and I thought I could give out two quick tips to avoiding having C Mac Regina out to your home this summer for an emergency repair…..not that we don’t want to be there.

Tip #1 Is there power? Now I don’t want anyone opening up doors and checking voltages, that’s my job. What I do want is for you to find your furnace switch. This is gonna be usually at the top or bottom of the staircase near the top of the wall. If your furnace is in it’s own room it may be near the entrance but still closer to the ceiling than a regular light switch. I can’t explain it but for some reason there’s a ghost that goes around flipping this switch on homeowners. Thats been my conclusion because anytime I ask someone if they accidentally did it themselves they vehemently deny it, so a light switch ghost is the only other reasonable answer. When flipped this switch is cutting power to your furnace stopping the blower fan from operating, forbidding any significant airflow to happen inside your home.

Tip #2 Does it look like a snowball? Mr. Air Conditioning Doctor, I’ve been running my ac all day and I still can’t get the thermostat down below 27. It doesn’t feel like cold air is coming out of the vent…..If this is you one day please follow my next instructions. SHUT IT OFF! If the air isn’t cold right away it isn’t going to magically end up that way 6 hours later. What will happen is I will show up for the repair and the entire unit is going to be one giant ball of ice and there’s not much I can do at that point besides let it thaw out and come back later. If the air leaving the heat registers is room temperature please turn it off and do me a favour and check to see if theres any ice building up at the outside unit or on the copper line set leading to your furnace.

Check to make sure the filter in your furnace is clean (can you see light through it) and replace if needed. If that doesn’t do the trick our number is at the top of the page.

This is only the tip of the air conditioning repair iceberg but it may help you save a little money this summer. C Mac Regina is experienced in any air conditioning repair you can toss at us, we work on all pieces of equipment.

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